Netflix dating show ‘Single’s Inferno 2′ adds depth to narratives

December 14, 2022

SEOUL, Dec. 13 (Yonhap) — Netflix’s Korean reality show “Single’s Inferno” is back with a second season featuring a new batch of young, hot singles who find themselves in “paradise” or an “inferno” depending on their choice of whom to pair with.

The “Single’s Inferno 2″ set to be released Wednesday adopts the first season’s plot, in which singles search for love on a deserted island.

Contestants who find a partner can have romantic date nights in a luxurious hotel, but those who fail in the mission are stranded on the island.

“The second season takes place in the same setting as the first season to make contestants focus on each other at a faster pace,” its producer Kim Na-hyun said during an online press conference Tuesday. “As the contestants already know about the place, they can better pour their time and energy into others.”

Although the reality show’s format is simple, Kim stressed the emotions surrounding the attractive singles are intricate and unpredictable.

“The beauty of this show lies in its simplicity,” she said. “Those who find a couple go to heaven, and those who don’t go to hell. The rules are simple, but emotions expressed in the show are very complicated.”

Kim Jae-won, its co-producer, said the upcoming series unfolds the cast members’ stories in 10 episodes, two more than the first season, to add depth to their narratives.

“Two episodes will be released each week, which will feature fresh main characters and stories every week,” Kim said. “The season has more abundant stories, which can’t just fit in 10 episodes.”

“Single’s Inferno” entered the list of Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV Shows for three consecutive weeks after its release in December 2021, becoming the first-ever Korean reality show to achieve the feat.

Song Ji-a, a beauty content creator, rose to stardom following her appearance in the first season but came under fire for wearing fake luxury items and made a public apology.