Net Neutrality Flash Talk

October 3, 2016
Juwon Chun  Granada Hills Charter High School  10th Gra

Juwon Chun
Granada Hills Charter High School
10th Grade

Net neutrality has been the talk of the day, but what exactly is net neutrality? Net neutrality is actually just a fancy term saying that the internet data is equal and open to anyone to anything without any discrimination. That means network providers, also called ISPs, and the government can’t favor or block certain websites, giving the people the freedom to access anything they want on the internet. Net neutrality has been an issue of the technology world for years.

People have been debating against the network providers for equal and free internet use, and I personally support the idea of net neutrality.

I mean, we already have net neutrality, but the problem is that big companies such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and even some people in the government want to get rid of the net neutrality we currently have today.

Their goal is to make people pay more for faster internet speed which is better for big companies such as Google causing people to only use their website which puts many little start-up companies at a disadvantage. However, the fight of whether to keep or remove net neutrality has only begun.

There has been a case concerning this matter, and even though it went in favor of keeping net neutrality, it is certain that the ISPs are not ready to give up yet. Although net neutrality prevents people’s freedom of speech from being violated, it may also prevent the ISP company’s motivation to invent ways to make a faster internet. So, we could be using the same slow internet speed because companies would not have anything to gain even if they did invent a faster internet.

However, faster internet basically means cellular towers which equals power lines which equal radiation which equals bad health. Net neutrality can be seen in more good ways than bad.

Even Vint Cerf referred to as “the father of the internet” who is one of the people who created the internet, agrees saying that, “the internet is for everyone”.

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