More S. Korean athletes in trouble for gambling

October 26, 2015
Kim Sun-hyung

Kim Sun-hyung (Newsis)

Seoul prosecutors have decided to delay indictment of South Korean basketball players Kim Sun-hyung, 27, and Oh Se-geun, 28, who have been accused of illegal sports gambling, paving the way for their comeback to the court.

According to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Friday, two athletes — professional basketball player Park, 29, and judoka Hwang, 28, were charged without being taken into custody for point-shaving scheme on a professional game.

Another 13 current and former athletes were also taken in for making bets online in illegal sports gambling.

In February, Hwang told Park that he would buy drinks if Park would purposely miss some shots during a game.

Park has been permanently banned from the league, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Of the 28 athletes involved in total, 13 are current professional basketball players.

An indictment delay has been given to eight athletes, most of whom participated in online gambling during their college years in small sums.

With the exception of two years who have been acquitted of charges, 11 players have been banned for the season by the Korean Basketball League.