Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum are dating

November 4, 2013


Kim Bum, left, and Moon Geun-young are dating. (

Kim Bum, left, and Moon Geun-young are dating. (

Actress Moon Geun-young and and her “Jung-yi, Goddess of Fire” co-star Kim Bum have admitted to being a couple, after they were spotted by many travellers in Europe.

Their agencies confirmed the rumor Friday that they have been dating for about a month now, having grown close while filming the recently-ended television drama together.

Moon, 26, holds the title of the “Nation’s little sister,” in reference to her girl next-door image and superb performances that range from dramas to films including “A Tale of Two Sisters” (2003). Kim, 24, is an actor, singer and model. He gained popularity for his role in the television drama “Boys Over Flowers.”

The two are currently traveling through Europe with friends and associates.