Missing Fall?

November 30, 2016
Juwon Chun  Granada Hills Charter High 10th Grade

Juwon Chun
Granada Hills Charter High 10th Grade

Spring, summer, winter, fall. Every country in most countries experience all four seasons. However, the heat of the Californian sun prevents people, especially in the valley of Porter Ranch, to experience a typical fall weather. To start with, temperatures of over 80 degrees Fahrenheit the tree leaves do not even change their colors from a green to the reddish brown colors of the incoming autumn. All they ever see are either trees with a few of green leaves during the summer and spring or trees with bare branches during the rest of the year. Compared to the blazing climate of the California valley, the forecast in the eastern part of the country, such as Boston, fits better into the category of fall. With cool, fresh air and warm sunlight, Bostonians experience the best season of autumn. With a refreshing breeze and crunchy fallen leaves on the ground, it is the perfect weather to take a stroll in the park or have a morning jog. Although it may be a bit chilly when the sun comes down, it shows a definite change in the scenery as the winter season arrives. Hopefully in the following year, California will undergo a similar transition of a distinct autumn as we head into the cold winter season.


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