Lawsuit against actor Cha Seung-won dropped

October 8, 2014
Cha Seung-won (Korea Times file)

Cha Seung-won (Korea Times file)

The lawsuit filed against actor Cha Seung-won accusing him of reputational damage was canceled Wednesday, Yonhap reported.

A man identified only as Cho said he was 24-year-old Cha No-ah’s biological father and who asked $100,000 in damages from the actor.

Cho claimed mental and reputational damage through Cha Seung-won pretending as though Cha No-ah were his biological son.

According to Cho, he married Lee Su-jin, Cha Seung-won’s wife, in 1988. Cho and Lee had Cha No-ah that same year before getting a divorce in 1992.

On Monday, the actor released a statement through his management company, YG Entertainment.

“Cha Seung-won got married 22 years ago and became one family with a three-year-old son born to his wife from her previous marriage,” YG Entertainment said. “Cha Seung-won firmly believes that No-ah is his real son in his mind and has asked to relay his message that he does not regret his decision [to take in No-ah as part of the family].”