[LA Times] Roy Choi, Daniel Patterson cooking up a revolution in Watts with Locol

January 26, 2016

[LOS ANGELES TIMES] —  With Locol, chefs Roy Choi, whose Kogi truck and Korean hot-pot place Pot regularly make it onto The Times’ list of L.A.’s 101 best restaurants, and Daniel Patterson, whose San Francisco restaurant Coi holds two Michelin stars, aim to do nothing less than revolutionize the system of fast food in America, to bring delicious, nourishing food into the areas that need it most.

Watts is now home to a different kind of meal. On a street more famous for having burned in the 1965 riots than for anything rebuilt on it since, there is a new vocabulary for the food at Locol. Sandwiches are “burgs,” served on soft, griddled buns developed by Chad Robertson of the famous San Francisco bakery Tartine. Tacos are “foldies,” stuffed with carnitas, spicy barbecued turkey or cheese and nicely stewed beans. Side dishes are “yotchays,” an abstraction of the Korean word for vegetables, and include things like coleslaw, rice, hot flatbread and greens. The coffee is roasted in collaboration with Tony Konecny, founder of Tonx.

“You’ve got to try the Watts Special,” Choi tells a customer. “Flatbread and oniony beef gravy. You’ll love it, and it costs just two bucks.” [READ MORE]



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