LA Korean grocers move to brand displays, regional specialties

November 9, 2015
A brand display inside a Korean grocery store in Los Angeles

A brand display inside a Korean grocery store in Los Angeles

By Park Ji-hye

Los Angeles Korean grocers are in the midst of departing from demonstration stands to offer instead bigger display booths and regional specialties.

While demonstration stands promote less than 15 items, the on-trend displays take up about eight booths introducing upwards of 200 products and offer up to 30 to 35 percent discounts.

“When these display booths began about 10 years ago, the goal was to introduce Korean food brands to consumers. Now the goal is to increase revenue,” said a local market source. “About six to seven companies do the display promotion once or twice a year, so to consumers it feels as though there is a special event every week.”

A local market, Galleria, began a Haitai display event last week with HK Market. After Haitai is over, it plans to bring in CJ and Nishimoto displays.

After a successful run in August with regional specialties from Gangwon Province, H Mart inside Madang Plaza is planning a second round this month.

“We planned three days for the first exhibit, but ended up extending it for a week due to a positive consumer reaction,” said a market representative.

Zion Market has partnered with Boryeong, South Korea, to bring the city’s specialties, some 40 products, to its six Southern California stores.

“When we open these special exhibits, Koreans from those regions come by to see what products are available,” said Han Young-sik, Zion president. “It helps increase foot traffic and helps raise our image as a market that’s always offering new items.”