Korea’s stock market closes 2015 trading

December 30, 2015

(PHOTO NEWS) — South Korea’s main bourse closed 5 points down at 1,961.31 on Dec. 30, 2015, the last trading day of the year. South Korea’s stock market gained 2.39 percent compared to the end of 2014, while the secondary market KOSDAQ leaped 25.67 percent over the year.

South Korea's main bourse closed 5 points down at 1,961.31 on Dec. 30, 2015, the last trading day of the year. South Korea's stock market gained 2.39 percent compared to the end of 2014, while the secondary market KOSDAQ leaped 25.67 percent over the year. (Yonhap)



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  2. horangih

    December 31, 2015 at 7:07 AM

    We must support nationalism against globalism for the sake of decent internationalism.

    Globalism means domination by American financial and military power. It also means deracinated values centered around homosexuality and trans-gender agenda.
    Also, it should be noted that the globalist media never pressure Israel to surrender its own nationalism. No, globalism only applies to gentile nations. Only gentile nations must open up their borders and erase their own historical, racial, and cultural heritage.

    Btw, nationalists are NOT opposed to international cooperation or world trade.
    Rather, they support border controls, preservation of national identity, and sovereignty.
    Nationalists don’t oppose trading or exchanging ideas with other nations. What they oppose is becoming the puppet of the US and EU that are controlled by globo-oligarchs.
    Also, not all nations are equally influential under globalism. As globalism is dominated by the US, all nations must follow the dictates of Washington and New York. If Wall Street says YOU MUST HAVE GAY MARRIAGE, you must pressure the people of your nation to accept it.
    In truth, nationalism is totally compatible with international trade and cooperation. A nation does NOT need globalism to trade with the world or to cooperate with the world.

    Now, look at Israel, It has tight borders. It has tight immigration laws. But it trades with the world. It is part of the international community. It proves a nation can be nationalist and be a world player.
    Globalism is more than internationalism. It means that nations must surrender their national sovereignty and cultural identity for global pop culture fashions and dictates that come from the US state department. For culture, It means adopting Hollywood and Japanese cartoons over your own history, culture, and identity.
    Also, globalists are hardly ‘inclusive’. They are only selectively ‘inclusive’ on the basis of conditions and commands laid down by the US. They act like they wanna trade with the whole world, but when a nation like Russia or Iran refuses to go along with the Zionist-homosexual Washington agenda, the US-dominated globalism pulls strings to shut down and destroy the economies of such nations from the rest of the world. Globalism doesn’t treat all nations equally. Israel has 300 illegal nukes, but it is showered with 4 billion in aid every year. Iran hasn’t invaded any nation and hasn’t a single nuke. And it has developed only civilian nuclear power under international inspection. But US forced sanctions on Iran. So much for equal treatment.

    To be part of the globalist economic system, your nation MUST surrender its sovereignty to US demands as devised by globalist oligarchs and homosexuals.
    Nationalists are not opposed to travel, trade, and exchange of ideas. They are for those things PLUS strong borders, pride of heritage, and sense of national community.
    Nationalists are the best internationalists since they believe that every nation has a right to exist and protect its integrity and sovereignty. And on those grounds, all the nations in the world can mutually respect one another and can get along.

    In contrast, globalists controlled by oligarchs demand that the sovereignty of every nation be weakened and destroyed so that American power can dictate values and policy in every nation… except Israel of course. Israel is allowed to be both nationalist and internationalist. Globalists don’t pressure Israel to open its borders or to accept diverse immigration.

    Another thing. Nationalists believe that there are things of value(priceless value) beyond economics. Globalists judge the value of everything according to money, growth, GNP, and etc. According to globalism, a nation is better off if it surrenders sovereignty in exchange for more ‘free trade’ since it may increase profits for the big business class. But using this logic, a prostitute who sells her body is better than a honest woman who refuses to sell hers because the prostitute is richer. Globalists put money before pride and honor, nationalists favor pride and honor over money.
    As for culture and values, globalism offers Pop Culture(of the degenerate American kind with the likes of Miley Cyrus, gangsta rap, and endless porn) and Political Correctness that forces people to accept ‘gay marriage’ and call Bruce Jenner a ‘woman’.

    What the world really needs is nationalism and internationalism. When every nation feels secure and safe via nationalism, it is more willing and better able to get along with other nations.
    If anything, nationalism serves internationalism.
    In contrast, globalism and ‘diversity’-mongering creates more division and distrust all across the world, and then, there are more problems.

    Separation is better for unity. When nations remain separate and secure from one another, they respect one another more and trust one another more. They can do trade and travel.
    It’s like individuals in a community get along if they have their own private spaces. When each person has his/her own space and privacy, he/she is more likely to trust others than if everyone has to share the same space all the time.

    During the Great Leap Forward in China, Mao’s commune system sought to make everyone do everything together almost 24/7. For instance, while Chinese people worked together in the fields, they usually ate meals with their own families. But during the Great Leap, everyone in the community was made to eat together, and this just got on everyone’s nerves and made people trust each other less.

    Nationalism means political privacy for each nation. When every nation has its own privacy respected, it will get along with other nations in the public space of international trade and cooperation.