Korean War Memorial Park coming to Pennsylvania

April 10, 2015

The Korean War Memorial America-Korea Alliance Peace Park is coming to Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania.

Installation of the project, expected to cost about $90 million, was announced Tuesday by leaders of the Montgomery Korean American community.

In a joint effort by township and Korean American leaders, the 26-acre park has passed approval for construction.

Yang Bong-pil, general secretary of the 21st Century America-Korea-China Leaders Society, said the memorial will play a role in educating American society on Korean history and help instill a sense of Korean pride in second-generation Korean Americans.

He said the park would belong to the Korean American community after its completion but that it will be maintained by the township.

Fundraising efforts for the project will end at the end of the year, with plans for a groundbreaking ceremony to take place in January 2016, Yang said.

For information about donating to the project, call 215-661-1884.