Korean tradition camp to kick off in Baltimore next month

July 9, 2015
(Korea Times file)

Han Pan Korean American Cultural Center members performed earlier this year in downtown Baltimore. (Korea Times file)

By The Korea Times Washington, D.C. staff

Summer camp at Han Pan Korean American Cultural Center in Baltimore will kick off Aug. 3 for a six-day run inside Holy Korean Martyrs Catholic Church.

Designed by Han Pan to preserve traditional Korean culture, the camp offers instruction by gukak, or traditional Korean music, experts.

This year’s teachers include Yoon Hyun-ho — an instructor at Sunhwa Arts School and Korea Arts & Education Service in Korea — and Auckland Korean Cultural Center’s Koh Mi-sook, who will touch on samulnori, mask dances, sangmo twirling and the instrument taepyeongso.

“Summer vacation is a great time to learn about our traditional culture, and more and more people have been visiting our camp,” said Park Ki-woong, Han Pan president. “Some participants become so enamored with our culture that they return after a year.”

Camp is open to anyone over sixth grade and costs $300, including room and board. For those not wishing to stay on-site, the fee is $250.

The church is located at 5801 Security Blvd., Woodlawn, MD 21207.

Call 443-677-2049 for more information.