Korean immigrant film ’3,000′ screens in Chicago

April 20, 2015
Queen Kim's "3,000"

Queen Kim’s “3,000″

A film detailing a Korean immigrant taxi driver’s life, “3,000,” held a screening inside Chicago’s The New 400 movie theater Saturday.

“3,000″ follows a struggling Korean immigrant, Ji-hyuk, as he attempts to find the American Dream by traveling 3,000 miles to Los Angeles from New York via taxi with another Korean, Sun-hee.

The film was inspired by the real story of a New York Korean taxi driver Director Queen Kim met seven years ago.

Its cast includes Danovich Jonghoon Han, Helen Hwang and Alejandro Chamorro.

Kim said the film is the first of a three-part series.

It received a warm reception from attendees of the screening.

“[The film] was emotional,” said Crystal Kim, 26. “I thought of my parents the whole time I was watching the movie.”

She said she thinks the film will resonate with both Korean immigrants and non-Koreans alike.

Future screenings will be held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Seoul.