Korean animators and computer graphic designers in S.F. to team up

July 18, 2014
KOTRA SV Director Kwon

KOTRA SV Director Kwon Joong-hun, left, poses with ILM Senior Artist Lee Seung-hun at ILM.

Korean animators and computer graphic designers in San Francisco will soon team up as an organization of professionals.

More than 100 Korean CG artists are currently active in the Bay Area, including 13 at Industrial Light & Magic and 12 at Pixar.

Until now, there has not been a forum through which these same-field professionals could exchange ideas, information and even conduct business, said Lee Seung-hun, Senior Artist at ILM and one of the driving heads behind the organization.

He was joined by KOTRA Silicon Valley Director Kwon Joong-hun, who said he wants KOTRA to play the role of a connecting link.

“We had our first get-together with Koreans working at Pixar a few months ago,” Lee said. “We’re planning on having our second meeting early next month to discuss details and the things we need to start this.”

They plan to structure and recruit members by the end of the year.

In 2007, K Group, an organization of Korean professionals around Silicon Valley, was established. It now boasts over 2,500 members, Lee said.