Korean animated TV series ‘Pororo’ to go on air in Brazil

September 1, 2015


SAO PAULO (Yonhap) — South Korea’s popular TV animation series, “Pororo the Little Penguin,” will begin broadcasting on a major Brazilian network, the broadcaster said Monday.

The series will be shown under the translated title “Pororo, O Pequeno Pinguim” five times a week from Monday through Friday on TV Cultura, starting on Oct. 5, it said.

“Since its debut in 2003, Pororo has become one of the leading Korean animated series, being shown in 130 countries,” Hong Young-jong, consul general of Korea in Sao Paulo, said during a ceremony to mark the broadcasting. “We hope the Pororo series’ broadcasting on a major Brazilian TV network for the first time in the country will take a big role in spreading hallyu,” he said, referring to the global popularity of Korean pop culture.

TV Cultura is a channel operated by the Sao Paulo state government focusing on cultural and educational topics. It is rated to have the highest-quality media contents in Central and South America.

It was Lee Jung-yeol, an ethnic Korean resident in Brazil, who arranged the series’ advance to the Brazilian market.

“Brazilian broadcasting stations, including TV Cultura, have shown much interest in South Korea’s quality broadcasting contents,” said the 55-year-old who leads a company, “Contents 360,” here.

“With government support sufficient enough to overcome market barriers, it would be possible for films, dramas and other contents as well as animation to make inroads into the market.”

Earlier, a market survey found that Brazilian people are more aware than expected of Pororo, the title character of the series.