Korea Times College Expo

September 11, 2017

by Jisoo Ku Jserra Catholic High School 10th Grade

Saturday, August 19th, I had a privilege to attend and be a part of Volunteens Inc. booth during Korea Times College Expo. There were many colleges that came to the expo and there were many seminars provided for people. I got to talk to many admission officers and I got many information from them. My role in the Expo was to introduce Volunteens to many people and share my project to encourage people to help us. I got to meet new people and I learned how to interact with different people. My job was to get as many as people I can to make people sign up and take the flyer with them.

Before it all started, I was full of hopes of sharing my project and introducing Volunteens to people. But the reality was harsh. People who came to the booths were mostly parents who came to see colleges and most of them were not interested in volunteering organizations. If they were walking around the volunteering organizations booths, they often avoided eye contacts or they just took our flyers. Yes, it is my first time taking charge at booths so I was inexperienced. But even if I had experiences from before, it wouldn’t have been different and there is nothing you can do about it. Something that I realized about people, they didn’t find Volunteens very interesting because other booths were giving out variety of items such as shirts, food, and even mini speakers.

People in today’s world only has a vision of their own goods. The narrow vision that only cares about themselves not caring for people really in need. Just like in the expo, people were caring about their own colleges or their children’s colleges and free items. Yes, free items are good but can the free food given to us save the world? People are not going to care about independent volunteering organizations without free stuff. I encourage all parents and students who attend the expos to seek out for the group that actually can help the society rather for their own goods.

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