Kim Hyun-joong’s parents offer to raise child

December 28, 2015
Kim Hyun-joong from KBS TV drama "Boys over Flower" (2009) (YouTube screen capture)

Kim Hyun-joong from KBS TV drama “Boys over Flower” (2009) (YouTube screen capture)

While singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong’s legal fight with his ex-girlfriend over his physical harassment and who the father of her baby is has continued for more than a year, his parents say they will raise the child if Kim’s ex-lover cannot.

On a TV celebrity news show on Sunday, Kim’s father, Kim Hong-seong, said, “We hope a court will decide whether my son or his ex-girlfriend will provide a better environment for the child.”

A lawyer for Kim’s ex-girlfriend, identified by her surname Choi, said last Monday that Kim, 29, who was drafted in May to serve 21 months in the military, and Choi confirmed at Seoul National University College of Medicine that Kim was the father of the child with 99.9 percent accuracy.

The legal conflict started in August last year, when Choi, 31, sued Kim for physically harassing her, causing an injury that put her in hospital for six weeks.

She said in the suit his violence had caused her to lose the baby.

Prosecutors indicted Kim and fined him 5 million won (about $4,300).

Kim, believing he had caused the miscarriage, paid Choi 600 million won ($513,000) settlement money and asked her not to go public with her story.

The next month, the two said they had reconciled.

In December the same year, Choi dropped the charge. The same month, the couple said they officially ended their romantic relationship.

In January, Choi announced she was pregnant to the star of idol band SS501, and gave birth in September.

But in April this year, Choi sued Kim again for 1.6 billion won ($1.37 million) damages, claiming Kim had caused her mental distress.

In July, Kim countersued, accusing Choi of making false accusations, blackmail and defamation. He claimed 1.2 billion won ($1.03 million) damages.

Kim based his suit on gynecology clinics that treated Choi after he had beaten her. Kim’s lawyer argued that the clinics’ medical certificates were forged because the clinics admitted they had not confirmed that Choi had a miscarriage.

He claimed Choi was not even pregnant when Kim beat her.
With Kim now confirmed as the child’s father, their dispute has reportedly shifted to whether they lived together or not, according to media reports.

While Kim’s lawyer said on Monday he never lived with her, Choi’s legal spokesperson said the same day she had lived with him for two years and had been pregnant five times.

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