If you like ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ you’ll like ‘You’re All Surrounded’

July 25, 2014

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By Julie Carlson

If you like “The Bachelor,” you’ll like “We Got Married” 

(We Got Married)

(MBC-TV’s We Got Married)

Fans, especially those who love K-Pop and K-dramas, love to “ship” celebrities together. It’s a way to fantasize about a perfect relationship with two people who share something in common.

So to give hardcore shippers the fan service they crave, MBC-TV came up with “We Got Married.” The reality program is part of the Sunday Sunday Night line-up.

Since 2008, the show has paired up two single Korean celebs in a fake marriage. They go on fun missions to get to know each other better and meet each other’s friends — with a dash of romance and skinship.

“We Got Married” is hosted by Park Mi-Sun, Kim Jung-Min, and Lee Ji-Hye. Oh, and did we mention hottie g.o.d member Danny Ahn? The hosts add their own commentary and humor to the show.

“We Got Married” is so popular, it even has spin-offs: “Pit-A-Pat Shake” about dating life and the Global Edition of fake marriages between couples from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

If you like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” you’ll like “You’re All Surrounded” 

“You’re All Surrounded” is about four rookie police officers who are promoted to detectives. And with this, the problems and hijinks ensue.

(You're All Surrounded)

(SBS-TV series You’re All Surrounded)

The rookies are assigned to work at the Gangnam Police precinct of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department. Fans of the K-drama “Boys Over Flowers” will get a kick out of the good-looking and cocky rookies, aptly named P4.

Just like in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” the captain and one of the cops butt heads. This time around it’s a rookie and not a veteran.

Captain Seo Pan-Seok is portrayed by Chang Seung-Won, who makes his return to the drama scene since 2011. Starring in the roles of the brash rookie cops are Lee Seung-Gi, Go Ara, Ahn Jae-Hyun and Park Jung-Min.

“You’re All Surrounded” has some interesting cases, too, as well as special effects. But just like with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” it’s all about the interrelationships between the squad.

Romantic tension and sarcastic banter provide comedic relief from some of the more intense episodes.  Even though the Gangnam squad makes some mistakes during their investigations, they still figure out the best way to solve the cases and help protect the citizens within their precinct.

If you like “The Andrew Sisters” or “The Supremes,’ you’ll like “The Barberettes”

Doo-wop fans rejoice! If you think K-Pop is just for the kiddies, think again.

And if you like K-Pop and want something different to listen to, then you have to check out The Barberettes. They bring the style and sound of the past into the modern age, with a Korean twist.

The Barberettes formed in 2012 in Seoul. They just released their first album in May. The ladies sing classic and original songs in Korean and English. Their pop melodies aren’t just for an older generation, music fans of all ages can enjoy The Barberettes.

Members Shinae An Wheeler, Grace Kim and So Hee Park provide such beautiful harmonies that once you add their music to your playlist, you’ll be singing along to “Mr. Sandman” in no time.

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