Julien Kang was just drunk, management says

September 25, 2014


Seoul police started a drug use investigation on 32-year-old model and actor Julien Kang after he was found loitering the streets in his underwear.

Police took Kang into a police station in Gangnam district on Sept. 18 around 3 p.m., Yonhap reported.

The actor, found about 1 kilometer from his home and wearing his underwear and a tank top, seemed confused, police said.

Kang reportedly told police that he’d been out drinking from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. the night before and that he couldn’t remember what happened. He told them he could not understand his own behavior.

He was tested for drug use through a simple test, but results came out negative. Police plan to test Kang again Thursday through a precise test by the National Forensic Service.

Show Brothers Entertainment, Kang’s management company, spoke to Yonhap via phone.

“We don’t know what they mean by him being in his underwear, and he was not loitering the streets but just passed out,” it said.

“It’s true he was investigated for drug use, but we’re baffled at the speculative reports, as the test results already came out,” it said. “It was just a happening that came from drinking.”