Jjajang ramen dominates NY Korean markets

October 14, 2015
Nongshim's Jjawang on display inside a Flushing, New York, Korean grocery store.

Nongshim’s Jjawang on display inside a Flushing, New York, Korean grocery store.

By The Korea Times New York staff

Soupless instant ramen is king this year among Korean market shoppers in New York and New Jersey, in particular those of the black bean variety.

Known as “jjajang” ramen and sold in a diversity of brands, the product’s been offered by popular names like Nongshim (Jjawang), Ottogi (Jin Jjajang) and Paldo (Paldo Jjajangmyun).

After $17.5 million in sales two months after releasing in South Korea, Jjawang was introduced to grocery stores in New York and New Jersey this month.

“After Jjawang came in, our jjajang ramen sales have doubled,” a Flushing Korean grocer said.

The popularity extends to cup ramen, which has also seen doubled sales in soupless noodles in two years.

“These ramen offer the strong taste Koreans like, but they also have less sodium than traditional soup noodles,” a representative from a local Korean market said. “Companies will likely keep releasing upgraded versions of these ramen to draw in more consumers.”


  1. Hans Lienesch

    October 22, 2015 at 11:31 AM

    I just found it yetserday at G Mart in Lynnwood, WA. I started looking soon as I saw this article, and a review (#1827) will be available for review on http://www.theramenrater.com in roughly 2 weeks.

    - TRR

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