International students to get easier access to part-time jobs in Korea

December 2, 2013


By Nam Hyun-woo

Foreign students in Korea will get part time jobs easily and faster based on relaxed paper work requirements, the government said Monday.

The Ministry of Justice announced that it has simplified paperwork requirements for foreign part-time job seekers having a D-2 student visa or D-4 language study visa.

Before Monday, foreign students could be employed on part-time only after submitting a recommendation letter from their professor and approval from each university’s officials in charge of overseas students.

With this latest announcement, however, they are not required to present a recommendation letter. All they need to get is prior confirmation from university officials, according to an official at the ministry.

The government has required professors’ recommendation for foreign students seeking part time jobs as a means of preventing students from engaging in illegal employment.

However, it has become perfunctory and only costs unnecessary time and effort that only discourages many foreign students from registering as a legal part-time workers, the official said. The confirmation form is available at