International Champions Cup

September 25, 2017

by Min Shin Beckman High School 10th Grade

Have you heard about the ICC? Would you like to watch a big match between European teams? You will most likely want to know about this entertaining event that takes place in the U.S. This is where the top European teams come to play against each other in different states of America. They come here for their preseason U.S. tour so the U.S. fans have the chance to watch top players from Europe play. The reason I think it is great for the International Clubs specifically top European Clubs coming to America is that the MLS clubs can learn how to play better football from these teams. The MLS clubs need to improve by learning from the European clubs because they have a long history of playing football which makes them improve every year. MLS clubs do improve but not much compared to the European clubs. So the reason I think it is great for the European clubs come to U.S.

Let’s talk about the European clubs who are participating in this big event this summer. The European clubs are AS Roma, PSG (Paris-Saint-Germain), Manchester City, Manchester United, Juventus, Fc Barcelona, Tottenham, and Real Madrid. But in one of these teams, they are world-class players playing. There are the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar, and many others. Since 2013, the amount of attendances from fans visiting the stadium is incredible. The big matches have more attendances than the Super Bowl, a MLB, and NBA. The average attendance for the ICC matches are 55,000 or more. This means the ICC is doing a great job attracting fans to watch the teams play. For an example, last summer, Real Madrid played against Chelsea (European Club) in Michigan. The attendance was 105,826 fans as Real Madrid won by 3-2. The impact the ICC has on fans is amazing. It is also easy to purchase the tickets because you can visit the ICC website or you could watch it on TV. The TV channel is ESPN. All the games you want to watch on TV is provided by ESPN. The matches that took this summer had a greater effect on the fans than the previous years. The matches were Manchester United vs Manchester City, Real Madrid vs Manchester United, Fc Barcelona vs Manchester United, Manchester City vs Real Madrid, and Real Madrid vs Fc Barcelona. This is great for America because we can learn their style of play. Americans have started MLS since the day we had hosted the 1994 World Cup. So it’s only been 24 years that Americans started to enjoy football. European Clubs have history far more than that so they know how to play football more than us. In order for us to improve, we need to learn from them and start making history for American clubs.

Since 1993, Americans have started watching football/soccer. We bring Veteran players from Europe to play in MLS. These players help MLS more entertaining and improve. The amount of attendances in big matches shows how active and entertained there are. ICC is helping Americans to enjoy soccer for once and for all. The influence of ICC will make soccer a big sport in America like American Football, MLB, and NBA.


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