How harmful can GMOs be?

April 17, 2017

Yuna Baek Sage Hill School 9th Grade

Did you know that GMOs are harmful for both you and the environment? GMOs, which stands for “genetically modified organisms”, are plants, animals, or foods that have been altered using the techniques of genetic engineering. It merges the DNA of two organisms to create a new one. However, the disadvantage of GMOs is that they are not safe for the environment and other organisms, and can harm whoever eats them.

GMOs can negatively affect living organisms near them. Because GMOs carry strong pesticides and herbicides inside of them, they can cause weeds and bacteria to grow resistant and harder to kill. Instead of reducing the amount of pesticides used on crops, GMOs increase the need for stronger chemicals to be used to kill off these “super bugs.” If the use of GMOs is increased internationally, more dangerous bacteria and organisms will spread, causing diseases to disperse and less crops to grow worldwide. This will lead to more deaths and hunger.

GMOs also have severe effects on the human body. Studies have shown that GMOs cause cancer and new allergic reactions to form. The organization Health Research Funding states, “Many people wish to avoid GMO foods because of animal studies that have shown changes in internal cell structure, abnormal tumor growth, and unexpected deaths that have occurred.” Some countries even banned GMOs or make companies label foods if they have been genetically modified.”In 40 countries including Australia, Japan, and all European Union nations, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production of GMOs because they are not considered proven safe.“Because GMOs are not banned or labeled in the U.S., Americans do not know if the food they buy at grocery stores contain GMOs or not. Unfortunately, we eat them without noticing, which is harmful for us. When asked about the topic of GMOs, Naia Jarrett, a freshman at Beckman High School stated, “I carefully choose which foods contain GMO because they can affect your body by causing detrimental harms.”

Some people argue that GMOs are necessary to increase food supplies and help underfed nations. They believe that genetically modified seeds can produce bigger, more reliable crops, which will ensure that the worldwide food production keeps pace with the growing population. However, genetically modified seeds do not actually produce higher yields; they are only convenient for farmers as they require less pesticides.

In conclusion, organic foods are healthier than foods that contain GMOs. People should stop making foods that are genetically modified since we need to stay nutritious.


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