[HOT LINKS] North Korea names space agency ‘NADA’

April 3, 2014
Korea Central News Agency's new logo next to NASA's

Korea Central News Agency’s new logo next to NASA’s

[CNET] NASA may well be the most-recognized space agency in all the world, so it’s not a big surprise North Korea might want to riff on it when naming its own space agency. That apparent line of thought seems to have ended with the choice of “National Aerospace Development Administration” for the official name.

As a phrase, it sounds pretty impressive. As an acronym, it carries a less-than-desirable meaning in Spanish, as “nada” means “nothing.” According to a release from the state-run Korea Central News Agency, NADA’s mission is to “put into practice the idea and principle of the DPRK government to develop the space for peaceful purpose.”

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