[HOT LINKS] North Korea may air “Teletubbies,” “Dr. Who,” “Top Gear”

April 10, 2014


South Koreans have already used Teletubbie costumes in North Korea related demonstration. (Yonhap)

Perhaps this scene left a lasting impression to the North Korean leader. (Yonhap)

[THE INDEPENDENT]  It is the world’s most isolated country, a place where the weekly television highlight is It’s So Funny, a long-running comedy show in which two uniformed soldiers perform slapstick sketches in between lectures about the greatness of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

Now, however, hope – or at least variety – is at hand for the people of North Korea. After months of negotiations with the British government, the totalitarian dictatorship has finally selected three BBC programmes that the state is willing to consider showing its people: Dr Who, Top Gear and Teletubbies.  [READ MORE]