[HOT LINKS] Korea’s Fish Special: A Delicate Mix of Outhouse and Ammonia

June 18, 2014

  Hallyu of another kind
“A Korean Delicacy That Peels the Mouth”


Served most often as chewy pink slabs of sashimi, hong-eo is prized by enthusiasts for the ammonia fumes it releases, sometimes so strong they cause people’s mouths to peel.


Hong-eo, Korea’s infamous fermented fish even the most daring Korean connoisseurs might fear eating

[The New York Times] South Korea has a generous list of foods some find hard to swallow, among them boiled silkworm pupae and live baby octopuses, which have been known to attach their suction cups to the roofs of diners’ mouths in what appear to be desperate bids to escape.

But fermented skate from this southern island tops them all.

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