[HOT LINKS] Kim Jong-un’s hair is no laughing matter, all right?

April 15, 2014

[CNN] North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s hair is no laughing matter. Not for the country’s embassy employees in London, at least.

Chalk it up to British humor when London barbers hung a poster in their shop of Kim and his signature hairstyle: a longer top, with the sides of his head shaved.

The barbers don’t consider that cut too appealing. So they used Kim’s hair to try to drum up business for their M&M Hair Academy.

“Having a bad hair day?” asks the sign, which features an image of Kim. “15% off all men’s haircuts through the month of April from Tuesday to Thursday.”

The day after the sign went up, two men in suits entered the barber shop and confronted the manager, according to the manager’s son, Karim Nabbach, 26.

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