Honolulu art museum opens Korean ceramics exhibition

August 24, 2015

An exhibition of 68 Korean ceramics, “Splendor and Serenity,” is on display at the Honolulu Museum of Art through Nov. 8.

The museum, the largest in Hawaii and which houses approximately 1,000 pieces of Korean artwork, brought in the exhibit this month with the help of the Korea Foundation and the National Museum of Korea.

HMA put on the first-ever display of Korean art in the U.S. in 1972 and has since maintained a cooperative relationship with the Korean government.

“The Korea Foundation has worked hard to show Korean culture to the rest of the world, and this exhibit has drawn the attention of many locals,” said Baek Ki-yep, Honolulu Consul General.

The foundation sent a curator to HMA, Oh Ka-young, for the duration of the exhibit.

“This exhibit introduces the history of Korean ceramics with pieces from the Goryeo dynasty to the Joseon era,” Oh said. “You can see the history of these ceramics, from Goryeo celadon to Joseon buncheong and porcelain.”

A reception held last Wednesday saw traditional Korean musical performances in celebration of the exhibit.

September is Splendid Korea month at HMA, where Korean arts and culture will be highlighted through various events, including a family K-day on Sept. 20, ARTafterDARK: BibimBash on Sept. 25 and the Seoul Cinema Korean film festival from Sept. 19 to Oct. 2.