Hangeul party coming to Chicago

May 11, 2015
2015 Hangeul Party

2015 Hangeul Party

A party for the Korean writing system, Hangeul, will kick off in Chicago on May 16.

Held by All That Story America and the Chicago Korean Consulate General, 2015 Story of Korea: Hangeul Party is an attempt to raise locals’ awareness of Korean culture.

The event will feature a calligraphy demonstration by invited artist and writer Park Byung-chul, who is famous for his calligraphy displayed in front of South Korea’s Gwanghwamun.

“The strength of Korean calligraphy lies in the emotions it can convey that you can’t through digital means,” Park said. “I want this to be a forum through which both Korean Americans and other locals can enjoy calligraphy.”

All That Story head Seo Sung-dae said the Hangeul party was created for those interested to learn about and enjoy Korean culture in a comfortable setting.

“As Korea goes toward center stage worldwide, there’s heightened interest in the Korean language and culture. As Koreans, we want to inspire pride and at the same time spread the beauty and excellence of Hangeul to American society,” said Chicago Consul General Kim Sang-il.

After its Chicago visit, the event will go on to Minneapolis, New York, Seoul and Beijing.