Girls’ Generation makes TIME’s Top 10 Songs of 2013

December 5, 2013
Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation

By Lee Kyutae

Girls’ Generation took the fifth spot on TIME’s Top 10 Songs of 2013 list with “I Got a Boy.”

Douglas Polk, who compiled the list, wrote, “The nine-woman South Korean group Girls’ Generation is a ridiculously effective hook machine, and a major phenomenon in Asia, whose biggest pop acts make One Direction and Katy Perry sound like audience-alienating avant-gardists.”

“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and “The Wire” by Haim were 1-2 on the list.

Girls’ Generation had earlier won the YouTube Video of the Year award with the same song, but TIME wasn’t nearly impressed with the video, as it was left out of Top 10 Video of the Year list.

They did, however, name Psy’s “Gentleman” as the No. 1 viral video of 2013.