Girl band Mamamoo drops roaring party music with retro concept

March 14, 2019

 K-pop divas Mamamoo returned with a new album Thursday, poised to smash the spring music scene with retro party vibes.

The seven-track record “White Wind” is the finale of the girl band’s “Four Season Four Color” album project that kicked off in January last year.

Including “White Wind,” Mamamoo released four albums under the project over the year, matching the four different seasons and four colors representing each of the four members.

The final, winter album features white, the color of member Wheein, and carries the track “25″ that she wrote.

The new album is fronted by “Gogobebe,” a reggae variation with Latin guitar riffs, which throws a colorful music party with its hilarious sounds and lyrics.

The members said the song’s producer Kim Do-hoon took inspiration from “Zzanga,” a 2001 song by 1990s K-pop star Kim Gun-mo. Kim Gun-mo himself took part in composing the lead track with the producer, while two Mamamoo members — Solar and Wheein — wrote the lyrics with the producer.

With bell-bottom pants and a halterneck top, the members’ retro fashion added force to the song’s retro glamour and party vibes when the band premiered the song to media on Thursday.

Mamamoo members showcase their new album "White Wind" at a media event on March 14, 2019. (Yonhap)
Girl band Mamamoo drops roaring party music with retro concept - 2
Girl band Mamamoo drops roaring party music with retro concept - 3

Mamamoo members showcase their new album “White Wind” at a media event on March 14, 2019. (Yonhap)

“While our previous albums had mature and deep (sentimental) sides, we worked on this album with a mind to have fun,” member Hwasa said at the press showcase.

“It’s an exciting, hilarious song that will smash everything,” Solar said, referring to “Gogobebe.”

“‘Gogobebe’ has the highest level of all the group dances we have done so far,” Wheein said. “I hope this song will trigger a dance inside those who see its performance.”

Member Moonbyul said the song best fits the festive mood of Friday night. “It’s a song like a Friday night when you seek fun as if there’s no tomorrow.”

Wrapping up the one-year album project, the members said they felt bittersweet. The demanding, frequent album releases under the project led some of Mamamoo’s fans to protest against the band’s management agency, RBW and boycott their concerts last year.

“About midway through the project, I was under enormous stress as (we) had to prepare for the next album after (releasing) one,” team leader Solar said.

“Wrapping it up, I feel much better, but at the same time, I am sad. It was good to have many opportunities to present our music.”

“There were moments of exhaustion and stress … but we grew up a lot and gained a lot in terms of music. It will go down as a meaningful moment of life,” Wheein said.

The album also includes “Waggy,” a bossa nova number; the soulful ballad “Bad Bye”; and “My Star.”