Gender inequality

May 11, 2015

st0511-02A tradition of inequality still survives throughout the centuries. Men have seemed to be the always-dominating figures.

To men, women are to be discriminated against and deserve less than them. However, women are no different than men.

Women have the capability to work the same amount as men, are able to handle difficulties, and are as intelligent as men. Over the years, women are still neglected even after they have tried to prove to the world that they are qualified to accomplish anything.

According to the U.S. Constitution, all persons are created equal. It seems that today, that that is not the case at all. If a man were to get a job in politics, he would be welcomed, according But if a woman were to get the same position, she would be less respected by her peers as they speculate whether or not she is capable to handle all the work.

Not only that, a woman only earns 77% of a man’s wages. Just because women are the ones who look after the family doesn’t mean that they should earn less. In fact, they should earn more than men for being able to do two jobs at once.

According to a study, if women were paid more, families would thrive and could improve the economy by 4 or 5 points more. Just because in the past women were mistreated and degraded doesn’t mean that this tradition of gender inequality should continue; if anything, such should be even greater reason to stop the trend. Although equality has improved over the years after women showed the world their abilities to do the same work as men, women still do not have the same equality. It still seems that male dominance pervades society.

One user on even went on to says that women are not meant to be part of the workforce — that their job is to take care of their family, and their only job is being a housewife, not bringing home the “bacon.”

Despite this claim, one study shows that if female employment increased to match the male’s rate, our GDP would increase by 5 percent! According to, if women were politically involved, then there would be less government corruption.

Studies show that because women have less experience in politics, they are not aware of the ways of men that can lead to government corruption. The call for equality is still very much in place; the ways of the government have much room for improvement for generations to come.


st0511-02-1 Emily Chae
Carmenita Middle school 8th Grade

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