[Gainesville Times] Teen mom arrested after toddler found bound with tape

November 17, 2015
(Screenshot of www. gainesvilletimes.com article)

(Screenshot of www. gainesvilletimes.com article)

[GAINESVILLE TIMES] — There are some things you can’t unsee, no matter how much you’d like to forget.

Volley Collins has been struggling with a scene he encountered Wednesday evening in a Gainesville area cul-de-sac.

The locksmith was called to Ahaluna Drive around 6:45 p.m. to assist someone who’d locked herself out of a vehicle. Collins said there was a woman sitting on the ground behind her car when he arrived.

“So, I looked to see what kind of tool I needed,” Collins said. “I unlocked the door, and reached in to get her keys, and I heard a baby crying. I took my flashlight, and there was a little baby lying in the floorboard in the back.”

Deputies arrived about the same time at the neighborhood street north of Gainesville, in reference to a 911 call about a suspicious person or vehicle.

They found a 16-month-old boy in the back of the vehicle — his mouth, hands and feet bound with cellophane and packing tape.

The child’s mother, Grace An, 18, of Gainesville, was charged with first-degree child cruelty, reckless conduct and false imprisonment, according to Deputy Nicole Bailes, public information officer with Hall County Sheriff’s Office. [READ MORE]