Fuel economization for all the wrong reasons

September 19, 2016
Steven Gi Campbell Hall School 12th Grade

Steven Gi
Campbell Hall School 12th Grade

When the price of gas went up, the use of electric cars followed. With the growth of Priuses, Teslas, and other electric models since 2014, the gas prices have been dropping.

As gas stations are seemingly deducting ten cents every week, many American drivers have fallen back to the gas guzzling vehicles. Because of this recent trend, it is reasonable to infer that Americans had not been driving these electric cars for the right reasons.

Instead of protecting our earth, these Americans have been susceptible to drive these cars for their far superior miles per gallon.

The incentive was clearly prioritized towards fuel economic efficiency over the importance of protecting our environment. Because President Obama and his administration has recognized this recent trend,“ he has pushed for cars to average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025; the current average is 25.4 miles per gallon,” according to the New York Times. Not only will this be economically beneficial for consumers, but will also result in a healthier environment. According to Andrew Jones, choosing the right cars may be the most important thing Americans can do in helping our environment.

Although consumers have been enticed to trade in their current vehicles for larger vehicles, there is still great hope for our near future. In addition to Obama’ s push, 370,000 people have committed to put a $1,000 down payment on Tesla’ s cheaper model as this will be economically suitable for many more consumers. Many, such as Dr. John Sterman, is“ heartened by the prospect of broader interest in low-emission cars,” he told the New York Times. Even though recent trends have geared towards larger cars, many, including Obama, are hopeful that car emissions will account for less than the current 16.2% of greenhouse emissions.


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