Frozen Korean meals enter SoCal markets

October 27, 2015
Mindful Foods Corp. CEO Stacey Rhee

Mindful Foods Corp. CEO Stacey Rhee

By The Korea Times Los Angeles staff

Easy, microwaveable Korean foods — frozen japchae and bibimbap — from a U.S.-based producer, Mindful Food Corp., have found their way to Gelson’s supermarkets.

Stacey Rhee, CEO of the brand, said her food is made with 100-percent vegan recipes. Frozen Korean meals under the name Stacey & Mom will also soon appear in Whole Foods stores as late as January next year, she said.

“This product has completely gotten rid of the stereotype of a frozen meal,” Rhee said. “People think the quality of food goes down when it’s frozen, but we use a special technique developed after two years of research. Our products look more like the image on the box.”

Rhee’s frozen bibimbap is ready in four minutes, and japchae in five. The products launched three weeks ago at Gelson’s, a chain operated in Southern California.

With the exception of japchae noodles, which are imported from South Korea, all other ingredients are locally sourced, she said.

“We want to make products that can be judged by their taste and which appeal to everyone,” she said. “The goal is to spread Korean cuisine while also making consumers aware that there is Korean food out there that fits with their taste.”


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