[FORBES] Korean Skincare Trends Taking Over The US Beauty Industry

May 15, 2015




[FORBES] — Have you ever wondered how generations of Korean women have defied the natural laws of physics with their seemingly ageless skin? Sure, it has a lot to do with genetics, but there are definitely skincare rituals in place that aid in their eternally youthful glow.

We’ve already seen Korean beauty innovations take the market by storm; just consider the BB Cream phenomena, which originated in Korea. It first arrived stateside in 2011, taking the beauty industry by storm and since then, Korea’s skincare secrets have been at the forefront of the skincare industry’s trend forecasting here in the US.

With generations worth of tips and tricks for keeping the skin looking youthful and glowing, it’s no wonder Korean beauty was a top ethnic beauty search term in Google GOOGL -0.5% Searches in 2014. [READ MORE]