[ELLE.com] 5 reasons a Korean sauna is so much better than a massage

December 22, 2015


(Korea Times file)

(Korea Times file)

[ELLE.com] – When I think of a truly blissful, relaxing experience, I filter out options that a) require traveling to a remote island (as Instagrammable as that beach is, I’d like to avoid the added stress of airports and packing), b) are a traditional body massage. Booking a 50-minute session that feels like it’s over as soon as I hit the table, and that likely costs me a Benjamin or two, can leave me more stressed, especially when I’m at least trying to stick to a budget. No: I want my rare moment of relaxation to be as long as possible, and to require minimal money and effort.

Sound like unicorn of an activity? Fear not! Retreating to the warm and relaxing embrace of a Korean sauna, or jimjilbang (a Korean word that roughly translates to “heated room”), is the best way to truly relax my mind, body, and email-obsessed soul.

Here’s why a stateside trip to a Korean jimjilbang will change the way you think about spas and relaxation—plus tips for getting the most out of your experience: [READ MORE]


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