Documentary of Korean ceramics to compete in Sundance Film Festival

October 7, 2014
A scene from "A Thousand Year Journey." (Yonhap)

A scene from “A Thousand Year Journey.” (Yonhap)

A documentary detailing the tradition and production of Korean ceramics will compete in the documentary portion of the Sundance Film Festival, the city of Icheon said Monday.

“A Thousand Year Journey,” directed by Michael Oblowitz, is a joint project by Korean and American producers and explores the history of Korean ceramics from its beginning as a porcelain to its use in modern technology.

Five Icheon pottery masters offered demonstrations of the craft for the project. Cultural Foundation of America President Edward Ahn was also involved in production, Yonhap reported.

The film also features actress Estella Warren and Korean actor and comedian Johnny Yune.

“Korean ceramics possess a brilliant legacy and a profound philosophy, but unfortunately have not found the same widespread popularity enjoyed by Japanese and Chinese ceramics in mainstream America,” Ahn said. “Through the documentary, I hope Korean ceramics culture becomes even a bit more known in America and throughout the globe.”