Director of ‘Working Girl’ embarrasses actress Clara

December 11, 2014


Clara, left, and co-star Jo Yeo-jeong at the press conference in Dongdaemun. (NEWSis)

Filmmaker Jung Bum-shik said at a press meeting Tuesday that actress Clara used a vibrator in a scene from their forthcoming movie “Working Girl,” causing the female star to appear visibly uncomfortable.

The film is highly anticipated because it stars Clara, widely known for her physical charms, playing the role of a sex-toy shop owner. In the scene, the actress apparently uses a contraption that combines a vibrator with a thong.

During the press conference in Dongdaemun, eastern Seoul, Jung said: “There is a scene in which Clara tests a vibrator-thong on herself. She also let me listen to (an intimate audio recording) she recorded on her iPhone.”

Clara said she made the recording of intimate sounds to confirm that such sounds were what Jung wanted in the scene.

“I was rather in a panic more than excited,” the director said of the recording. “The scene will not disappoint male viewers.”

Clara, whose Korean name is Lee Sung-min, appeared to blush with embarrassment while Jung was talking.

After much criticism, the director reportedly apologized to Clara.


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  1. sunnysidetong

    December 11, 2014 at 11:08 AM

    What the……! What in the world they are doing? It’s waste of film.
    must be a trash…