Dear William Shakespeare

July 18, 2016
Gyujin Hong Van Nuys High School 11th Grade

Gyujin Hong
Van Nuys High School 11th Grade

I remember read- ing Romeo and Juliet for the first time in elementary school, a children‘ s picture book just thrown open on a colorful alphabet mat.

Ever since then I became more aware to the extremities of human nature.

Being a little bit more aware of the world at such an early age might have had negative effects but it did prepare me ear- lier on for hardships of life that came on later.

I remember reading A Midsummer Night’ s Dream in middle school during english class, just an excerpt from one of its passages, of sweetness and magic.

Ever since then I was fascinated and awed by the strengths of imagination.

It has been a better life being able to retreat into fiction and its world of no restrictions after discovering that world, based on self-experi- ence and also scientific studies- fiction is good for health!

I remember reading Macbeth as a freshman in high school, as a class-assigned book, in a compact small book edition. I remember be- ing satisfied with the book at first for its size and lightness, then surprised and amused at its plot twist at the end -warning! spoiler alert- I never thought it possible for every character to die in a book as an acceptable ending.

Ever since then I realized anything was possible. Really. Maybe flying chickens one day. Adopting a flexible mindset and be- ing able to handle ridiculous situations, really comes in handy at times.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.34.38 PM

I remember reading The Merchant of Venice just last year, as a sophomore in my english class. My english period three was warm and just the right time of the day when my brain seemed to be at its most alert and excited state. My english teacher let the class really delve into the book and get so many things out of it. One appealing side of your works is, obviously, your style ? now called, named blank verse – the style itself is engaging and captivating, but the numerous definitions our class could get out of just even one sentence, one phrase, was undeniably, a major breakthrough in this Eng- lish language arts for me.

Ever since then I have grown -able to find hidden inferences and catch numerous differ- ing meanings in writing works. This definitely is a positive for my Reading sections. In SAT!

Your works have done all these for me, made me who I am today. Thank you oh wonderful Bard.


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  2. Knowledge Merger

    December 22, 2017 at 11:38 PM

    This is really great, Gyujin!
    Loved the way you crafted this.
    Hoping for more contents like this.
    Love from, Knowledge Merger”