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October 2, 2013

Korean Comedian Hyung-Bin Yoon Signs MMA Contract to Fight

Right side is the comedian figher.  (Yonhap)

Right side is the comedian figher. (Yonhap)

‘Gagman’ (comedian) turned ‘Gasu’ (singer) is hot in Korea right now. They call them ‘Gae-gasu‘. Then what would you call a gagman turned MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter?

Well, that’s what Hyung-Bin Yoon, 33, has become, as he confirmed this week that he has signed a contract with Road FC, which in Korea is similar to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Yoon, who has scheduled a press conference for next Tuesday, said, “I had a chance to see a fighter preparing for his fight up close, and it was a learning experience. I felt like it was something you want to try as a man, and always wanted to do it. A lot of time went by, and I felt like I had to give it a try before I get any older.”

Road FC’s chief Munho Jung said, “It could not have been an easy decision for an entertainer/celebrity, and I’d like to see him succeed, both as a gagman and a fighter.”

Yoon has been a regular on KBS2-TV’s Gag Concert since 2005 and is already a ‘Gae-gasu’, being that he’s a member of a band called ‘Overaction’.

Yoon is not the first gagman to turn to MMA, however. Seoung Yoon Lee, 36, who went through an amazing transformation to gain popularity as ‘The Bodybuilder Comedian,’ made his MMA debut back in October 2010 and fought well early on but suffered a nose injury severe enough for the referee to stop the contest.

On the women’s side, actress Shi-Young Lee, 31, is garnering a lot of attention as an Olympic hopeful in amateur boxing.

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