[Daily Mail] S. Korean store owner looted during Baltimore riots

April 29, 2015


(Courtesy of Daily Mail)

(Courtesy of Daily Mail)


Sung Kang, 49, described how he was inside his Oxford Tavern store and bar when the looters came in.

He said: ‘I saw them coming so I closed the front door but they smashed the window and broke in.’

‘I was behind the counter and I was scared, very nervous. They didn’t say anything to me, they just took what they wanted.’

Asked how he felt, Mr Kang, a Korean immigrant, paused and said: ‘Nothing. What can I say?’

‘This shop is everything I have. I used to work at Johns Hopkins but I wanted to run my own business so I opened this store a year ago. – it’s my first business.’

‘This is America. I wanted to follow my dream and wanted to make something for myself.’