Connecting empathy through the web

November 23, 2015
Dorothy Kang  Claremont High School  Senior

Dorothy Kang
Claremont High School

The Internet’s potential to propagate empathy, compassion, and knowledge of global problems is often times overlooked.

Currently, social media is today’s freeway for connecting with others both close and far away. The unimaginable network of the Internet can thus be turned into a gateway for resolving human rights issues.

We constantly ask ourselves how humans will help the world become a better place. An increasing number of individuals and leaders are beginning to realize that the Internet may be the answer.

With the horrors that recently occurred in Paris, there has been a widespread movement of thoughts and concerns all over social media. From individuals changing their Facebook profile pictures to be filtered by the colors of the French flag to posting pictures of the Eiffel Tower on Instagram, the Internet has become the most immediate way for individuals to connect themselves to global issues.

However, the majority of this generation lacks the knowledge of issues that occur beyond what is trending on the media.

If this generation wants to have a keener social consciousness of the world’s deepest issues, it needs to start with education.

Today, children in first-world countries are exposed to the Internet and social media from as young as kindergarten. It goes all the way into their professional careers and beyond. Thus, teachers and parents should teach students that social media is not just an instrument for connecting with friends, but also a tool for understanding the world.

Although social media does naturally expose individuals to international crises, like the Paris attacks, that is mostly because it is a global phenomenon right now.

The challenge is to motivate this generation to seek out global issues outside what is most popular. This is so important because there is a constant need for leaders and thinkers who will keep the human race going forward.

The Internet is one of the world’s greatest hopes. There is so much potential for global connectivity and growth of social consciousness through the Web.


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    November 27, 2017 at 10:56 AM

    yes..I like the basic concepts behind Second Life but it seems incredibly outdated and when I played it was intensely non-intuitive / user friendly to an extent that made EVE look like a game for toddlers. thanks from