Chicago Koreans celebrate moon festival with tradition

September 22, 2015
Chicago's Won

Chicago’s Won Buddhism brought out locals for a day of Korean tradition Sunday at Bunker Hill Forest Preserve. (Korea Times Chicago)

By The Korea Times Chicago

A moon festival event put on by Won Buddhism of Chicago brought out hanbok, traditional board games and food to Bunker Hill Forest Preserve Sunday.

Now in its 18th annual year, the Chuseok celebration program included greetings from local Korean American community leaders, a selection of traditional board games — among them yoot nori, jaegi chagi and see sawing — and face painting and hanbok demonstrations.

“Traditional celebrations gain bigger meaning each year, so I’m very glad people are coming out for a reminder of home in this nice weather,” said Lee Jung-kil, head of Won Buddhism.

Chuseok, one of South Korea’s biggest holidays, is observed for three days and falls on Sept. 27 this year.

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