CGV Cinemas coming to Orange County

August 27, 2015
CGV Cinemas in Madang Plaza in Koreatown, Los Angeles

CGV Cinemas in Madang Plaza in Koreatown, Los Angeles

CGV Cinemas, a Korean movie theater, will open a new location in Buena Park, Orange County, according to CJ E&M America Tuesday.

The eight-screen theater — which will include 4Dx — will occupy a space inside “The Source,” a 40,000-square-foot shopping mall currently undergoing construction.

The theater will be the first CGV opening in the U.S. in nine years following one inside Madang Plaza in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

“Our goal is to have the theater ready to open by the completion of the shopping mall around June or July next year,” a CJ representative said.

A project in development by CJ and KAIST, known as ScreenX — which uses screens on three walls of a theater — is also being planned for the space, one of an estimated 1,000 worldwide that the company hopes to install by 2020.

The Koreatown CGV, which currently runs three screens, generated $3 million in revenue last year.

The Source, which joined hands with top South Korean K-pop agency YG Entertainment last year to include in its mall a 2,000-seat performing arts center, and which when completed will include a hotel, is being built by M&D Properties on a 12.7-acre plot in Buena Park.


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