Celebrity couples hit headlines over age gap

August 24, 2015
Mina, left, and Philip Ryu.

Mina, 43, left, and Philip Ryu, 26.

Singers Mina, 43, and Philip Ryu, 26, made headlines on Monday when they revealed they were dating.

Media reports said Mina, who gained fame in 2002 as “Miss World Cup” during the FIFA World Cup co-hosted by Korea and Japan, will support and wait for Ryu, a member of boy band “So Real,” after he joined the Army two weeks ago to serve his mandatory military service for nearly two years.

The singers are certainly a rare case with their comparatively huge age difference, even from outside the entertainment world. But there are other celebrity couples with girls older than their boyfriends who have attracted attention.

Actor Jeong Seok-won, 30, and singer Baek Ji-young, 39, wed in 2013, ignoring fierce cyber-bullying by online trolls who mocked their romance.

Baek Ji-young, left, and Jeong Seok-won.

Baek Ji-young, 39, left, and Jeong Seok-won, 30.

National football player Ki Sung-yeung, 27, and actress Han Hye-jin, 35, tied the knot in 2013. The couple took only 100 days to get married after they announced their romance.

Actors Rain, 33, and Kim Tae-hee, 35, have been dating since they met in 2012 shooting an ad together.

Actors Kim Woo-bin, 26, and Shin Min-ah, 31, also fell for each other after working together in an ad shoot in July.

Han Hye-jin, left, and Ki Sung-yeung.

Han Hye-jin, 35, left, and Ki Sung-yeung, 27.

Kim Woo-bin, left, and Shin Min-ah.

Kim Woo-bin, 26, left, and Shin Min-ah, 31.