‘Baduk’ gets first female chief

November 1, 2013
Kim Hyo-jung

Kim Hyo-jung

 Kim Hyo-jung, a professional baduk player, was appointed president of the Korea Baduk Association (KBA) on Thursday.

Game of Baduk

Game of Baduk

At the general meeting, she received 105 votes out of 206, becoming the first woman to head the association. At 32 years of age, she is also the youngest president ever voted in. “I am very grateful to all of those who have supported me,” she said. “I feel a huge burden on my shoulders, but I will do my best for the development of the KBA.”

Kim, who was born in Busan, entered the KBA in 1996, and has served on its executive board.

Baduk is a board game for two players that originated in China more than 2,500 years ago. The rules are simple, but the game requires a great amount of strategy.


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