Buddhist scroll painting breaks S. Korean auction record

December 16, 2015
Ancient Buddhist scroll painting "Cheongnyangsan Gwaebultaeng." (Yonhap)

Ancient Buddhist scroll painting “Cheongnyangsan Gwaebultaeng.” (Yonhap)

SEOUL (Yonhap) — A Buddhist scroll painting has become the most expensive South Korean ancient artwork to be sold in an auction on Wednesday.

“Cheongnyangsan Gwaebultaeng,” designated as South Korea’s National Treasure No. 1210, was sold at 3.52 billion won (US$2.99 million) at a Seoul Auction Co. auction.

It marked the highest-ever price in South Korean auction history for an ancient piece of artwork, breaking the earlier record of 3.4 billion won set in 2012.

At 10 meters long, this giant artwork from 1725 is one of South Korea’s four remaining paintings of crowned Buddha that had been hung on a wall at outdoor ceremonies.

The starting price was 3.2 billion won.