BTS’ RM to unveil ‘Come Back to Me’ ahead of album’s release

May 15, 2024
BTS member RM is seen in this concept photo for "Come Back to Me," provided by BigHit Music (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

BTS member RM is seen in this concept photo for “Come Back to Me,” provided by BigHit Music (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

RM, the leader of K-pop superband BTS, will release “Come Back to Me,” a track from his upcoming solo album, worldwide Friday.

The song and its music video will come out at 1 p.m. (Korean time), two weeks ahead of the release of the album, titled “Right Place, Wrong Person.”

In August, the rapper made a surprise performance of the song during a concert by his bandmate Suga in Seoul.

“I’m finishing up work on my solo album ‘Indigo’ and preparing for my next project,” RM was quoted as saying at that time. “This song doesn’t even have a title yet, but it’s one of my most cherished tracks.”

The group’s agency, BigHit Music, described “Come Back to Me” as a song in the indie pop genre with lyrics that read, “Everything comes back, though not necessarily everything.”

The song explores RM’s conflicting emotions of yearning for new challenges while simultaneously wanting to cling to familiarity, according to the agency.

RM wrote the track, while Oh Hyuk of the band Hyukoh composed and arranged it, and Kuo of Sunset Rollercoaster played guitar and bass. Singer-songwriter JNKYRD and San Yawn from Balming Tiger also contributed to the writing.

The music video boasts a stellar lineup as it was directed, produced and written by Lee Sung-jin, the Korean American director of “Beef” (2023). The Netflix original series won multiple awards from three major Hollywood guilds earlier this year. The crew also includes Ryu Seong-hie, an art director known for “The Handmaiden” (2016) and “Decision to Leave” (2022), and Kim Woo-hyung, the cinematographer of “Assassination” (2015) and “1987: When the Day Comes” (2017). Actor Kim Min-ha joined the cast with RM.

Following the prerelease of the song, RM will roll out the 11-track album on May 24.

It will mark the first release from the BTS leader since “Indigo,” his first official solo album, in December 2022.

Although currently serving in the South Korean Army, RM managed to film music videos for nearly half of the album’s tracks before his enlistment in December, according to BigHit.

The upcoming album features alternative genre music capturing moments when the rapper feels like a “stranger who does not fit in certain places,” the agency added.