Body cameras could make big impact in police shootings

October 10, 2016
Steven Park  Diamond Bar High School 10th Grade

Steven Park
Diamond Bar High School 10th Grade

The recent major Charlotte shooting in September became a big incident to the people of North Carolina. Keith Lamont Scott was shot by a group of policemen in a parking lot with his wife recording the incident. This devastating incident has caused a violent riot and has shocked many people of Charlotte, North Carolina. Shooting incidents have occurred often today and is becoming a problem in America. Policemen have been judged by doing their jobs too violently and many riots have occurred because of the shootings. There have been many complaints and suggestions on how to solve this problem, but one gadget that can probably lessen these violent acts is the use of body cameras.

Shootings in Charlotte, Ferguson and Chicago, among others, have been a very common thing in the United States lately. Policemen who have shot people during these shooting sometimes lie to get out of being punished, but have been proven wrong most of the time by citizens recording the incident. Courts and the public don’t know the full story in most shootings because there is no sufficient visual evidence during the incident, causing people to tell lies or change the way that these shootings have been explained. Riots have formed because of these rumors and caused more disaster. That is why policemen should wear body cameras to show the evidence of what actually happened and no false accusations could be made ever again. Wearing body cameras can show every interaction that has been done by the police and prove if any unnecessary action has occurred. It can speed up court proceedings by showing hard visual evidence of the situation.

Body cameras can be very helpful and can create less disasters. Video evidence from the body cameras don’t have to be shown to the general public and only needs to be shown to the court to keep matters calm and not create more disasters. Frequent riots wouldn’t have to occur anymore and there can be less violence in these kinds of situations. Less blood would be spilled and police officers wouldn’t have to use force in order to calm protests or riots.

Policemen having body cameras attached to them would cause less riots, less false accusations, and more hard evidence in situations. Recent shootings have become a big problem because of insufficient evidence of what actually happened during the incident, but body cameras can change the whole perspective and bring justice to the actual victim. Body cameras could bring peace in courts and prevent even more disaster from occurring.


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