Drop undies on N. Korea?

October 30, 2013


South and North Korean troops stand guard at the neutral border village of Panmunjom. (Yonhap file photo)

South and North Korean troops stand guard at the neutral border village of Panmunjom. (Yonhap file photo)

Swedish underwear maker Bjorn Borg may have to air-drop 450 pairs of underwear on North Korea. It’s all because of their recent advertising campaign and South Korean netizens.

Bjorn Borg on Tuesday confirmed that Pyongyang is at the top of their online poll, followed by Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, and Sweden’s main opposition party’s office building.

The company said over 90,000 votes poured in from South Korea within first 24-hours, “It seems like the South Koreans want us to love bomb Pyongyang with our sexy underwear. In our eyes, it looks like an act of peace,” said Lina Söderqvist, Global Marketing Director at Björn Borg.

Bjorn Borg is performing this event under a campaign titled “Bjorn Borg says ‘Ja!’ to Weapons of Mass Seduction.”  ”We wanted to create a way to spread our campaign, these weapons of mass seduction we have,” said Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, marketing and communication manager of Bjorn Borg. “We wanted to do it in an online way where people could nominate a place in the world, a place in need of love and seduction. And we’re dropping 450 pairs of underwear on the winning location.”

Although Pyongyang looks like the winner, with the poll closing soon, the company said they haven’t come up with plans on how to pull it off. “We have honestly no idea on how to drop our underwear over North Korea, but we have started looking into if there is a way,” said Lina Soderqvist, global marketing director of Bjorn Borg. “If they win, we will of course do everything that we can to send some love and seduction to the North Koreans,” she added.

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